The Collection

Southern girl mother of pearl… meets big city renegade chic.

Our line offers a range of options and price range from basics to statement pieces. Necklaces can be worn long, doubled, or stacked with our distinctive pendants meaning flexibility from daytime to a night out.  We finish with a diamond clasp - unique to every piece and crafted completely by hand.


Our signature pieces start a conversation or carry the outfit – your choice. Intentionally chosen and just as thoughtfully named. The Amy, The Monteigne, The Leslie and more… a face and a story behind every one.

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The Bo...

The Bo? Not Jackson. Not Diddly. Come on – the featheR's a giveaway. Our fave masterpiece of leather, pyrite and diamond capped pheasant feather is a tribute to the icon of 80’s boho chic herself: Bo Derek.

Like almost everything in our lives - we've also shared the fight against cancer. A sister. A mother. An aunt. That's why we're returning 15 percent of each purchase to the American Cancer Society.


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